About Pozzee

Pozzee.com was created to simplify the process by which property owners could market their properties that they were looking to sell or rent out as well as allow people, who were looking for properties to buy or rent, the opportunity to search for properties by simply pointing to a spot on the map.

Having worked within the property industry for several years, we identified problems with the way someone would go about searching for a property today. Usually your search would start on one of the other online property search portals whereby you would then have to scroll through endless listings (often times – duplicated listings of the same properties or worse, properties that were no longer available/expired) until you found a property that looked good.

For those who would want to sell their properties or find a tenant, they would have two options: List the property privately and try to compete with the thousands of other listings on the website at a cost of up to nearly R 4 000 per listing. Or make use of real estate agents who would essentially be the ones competing with the thousands of other listings and, on top of that, charge commission on the property deal.

So the answer was simple… create an online property marketplace where buyers and renters could search for property in a much more direct way by clicking on an area on the map and seeing what is available now! And for the property owners, giving them a platform to market and advertise their properties at a fraction of the price that they would pay on any other search portal.

Thus Pozzee was born. Whether you’re looking to Buy, Sell or Rent property, this is the platform to get the deal done!

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us but please feel free to visit our FAQs page or send us an email at info@pozzee.com if you have any further questions.

Happy Dealing!

Team Pozzee

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